HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system that centers on the world of . HeroClix normally releases their figure sets in series, often including maps that are specific to the theme of the series. All series are product. HeroClix History & Set List. This chess-like miniatures game based on comic book characters is very popular, both with comic fans and relative newcomers to the. Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars Battleworld Booster Brick. (7). $ 25% Buy List Bonus on All Trade-ins. Learn more about Sets & Expansions.

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This section does not cite any sources. HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system that centers on the world of superhero comic booksespecially the Marvel and DC Comics universes.

The HeroClix game utilizes the “combat dial system” originally created for the Mage Knight game. Retrieved August 15, Many of these abilities are completely unique to the characters that possess them. herocliz

HeroClix – Wikipedia

The HorrorClix game, also produced by WizKids, was designed in a similar way to the HeroClix game and figures, however it only had limited compatibility with the HeroClix figures and organized play. HeroClix normally releases their figure sets in series, often including maps that are specific to the theme of the series. The first game set, Marvel’s Infinity Challengewas released in and included figures and maps.

Topps owned all the rights and licenses for all versions of HeroClix, giving them the rights to sell the license to a third party. This page was last edited on 25 Julyat The ClixBrick promotion was discontinued but WizKids do offer special “store exclusive” offers that retailers can use as game prizes for purchase incentives.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. Away Team”, which contained the crew members from the J.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. While the company will still actively pursue gaming initiatives, we feel it is necessary to align our efforts more closely with Topps’ current sports and entertainment offerings which are being developed within our New York office. I prefer the ocean side of the map, myself. The maps used are of different locations found in a typical comic book story, often related to the “theme” of the HeroClix series the map was produced for.

Doctor Doom on Silver Surfer’s surfboard, Mr.

The Gamer’s Repose – a Magic: the Gathering, HeroClix, and Star Wars Minis help site

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. HeroClix was designed to appeal to comic book fans and players of wargames and subsequently also became collector items due to the quality of detail in the HeroClix figures. Advanced Sentinel, HoundColonel Logan.

The Hal Jordan and Sinestro figures are strong.

Heroclix Starter Set

All series are product specific, so Marvel Comics only etc. If you haven’t picked this one up, yet, I’d say give it a go. Retrieved February 27, The map is small, but that’s good if you want fast paced simpler games. These statistics are all printed on a dial that serves as the base for the miniature. In HeroClix introduced the concept of a “Team Base”, a larger base where figures can be slotted into for team play.


None of the characters in the pack top points, individually, and as far as their powers and abilities go, they are pretty vanilla-flavored.

Each HeroClix figurine is modeled in the approximate equivalence of the O scale for model train sets with a figure based on the design of the comic book character and a dial base that contains all statistics for the specific figure including:. The game was originally designed and produced by WizKidsbut was discontinued in November when WizKids owner Topps shut down their HeroClix line. These figures are produced in a limited number and at a higher price and at times only sold at gaming or comic book conventions.

The theme is good, and we haven’t seen new versions of these characters for quite a while. Some of these characters are better than their duplicate versions in the main set, but others are not. Thor is pretty vanilla, though good for the points.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The figures and rules were compatible with both Clix systems but HorrorClix figures are not tournament-legal for HeroClix tournaments. One side of the map is Attilan: The HeroClix property was expected to be sold off to a 3rd party in Maybut the two parties were unable to come to an agreement.