Forward Motion. From Bach to Bebop: A Corrective Approach to Jazz Phrasing. by Hal Galper. A revolutionary breakthrough in jazz education! The core of the. 12 Jan In this book, master pianist Hal Galper also shows how get that feeling of forward motion and also how to use melody guide tones correctly. 14 Sep From Bach To Bebop A corrective approach to Jazz phrasing. I’m just getting into it on page 34 right now. This is already influencing how I.

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Anyone digging into this book? Hal Galper Forward Motion Book | The Gear Page

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I can tell It is going to change how I hear rhythm in my lines. Then goes and plays the Eb over the G7b9 chord. FM is based on the laws of the physics of sound and rhythm. Anyone exploring fkrward subject would come to the same conclusions that Bach and I did. Here’s a little tidbit from the book.

Spelling Chord Changes with Pentatonics. Sep 16, I figured he might put the 3rd or hhal of g7 but I was thrown a good curve ball with the Aminor triad.

Sep 15, 6.

gqlper RichardBSep 17, An abbreviated list of some of the infinite forwatd chromatic embellishments have been used in the jazz vocabulary is included.

How To Practice Forward Motion debunks mechanical “repetition” as an outmoded practicing process. Other editions – View all Forward Motion: Sep 17, Seems weird that he goes on about fwd motion, but those clips dont have much at all????

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Otherwise known as “being able to play anything anywhere,” it illustrates how the masters used these elements only as guides to made up their own solo content over the predictable elements to create rhythmic and melodic freedom during a solo.

Nonetheless, reading the text changed the way I hear music and, to a significant extent, the way I play. Originally, I used FM to correct what I saw as a technical and theoretical problem. The chapter illustrates the almost infinite ways that chord tones can be synchronized with the strong beats of the bar foward clearly “spell” out chord changes.

Glad to see some of the same sentiment for this book being shared by others on the forum. Forward Motion is divided into ten chapters: Hal Galper Trio on Facebook. When the articles were first forwqrd, I was sure I had come upon original research that no one else had duplicated.

Groups of 16ths resolve on the beats, rather than beginning there.

Great way of putting it Hutch. Have you noticed the problems you have going from one melodic fragment to another? It offers a step-by-step process for retraining your hearing to hear in Forward Motion.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. I skimmed through it quickly and already Arpeggios and Forward Motion elaborates on how to add pickups and resolutions to arpeggios giving them a feeling of motion demonstrating the difference between themes that are in and out of Forward Motion.


Sep 15, 5. FM is also based upon the physiology of how the ear functions, another universal. My library Help Advanced Book Search. I haven’t read Hal’s book, but Galpeg was very surprised at how poor Hal’s performance is on that youtube link, especially rhythmically!

Correcting Outmoded Practice Habits. There is also a site you motjon visit to hear the examples ual your piano chops aren’t where you’d like them to be. This ability can be developed to a highly sophisticated degree.

Anyone digging into this book? Hal Galper Forward Motion Book

However, Tension and Release Theory states that “one” of the bar is the strongest beat of the bar and as such, is the ultimate resolution beat in the bar. Sep 14, 1. BbMaj7 G7b9 Cmin7 F7b9 etc etc Instead of hearing in a static manner, the soloist is hearing ahead of where they are in the music at the moment.

Highly recommended book I would recommend the e-book version as the examples forwsrd on your PC and you can change tempo and key. TonyVSep 16,